Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking on Textnovel in 2010

Rain didn’t make it past Editor’s Choice this year, which is fine seeing as how I’m fairly certain it didn’t meet the length requirements for the 2009 by the deadline.

However, the story is still unfolding, and more than likely it will meet the criteria for the 2010 contest. It’s at thirty-five chapters right now and is approximately halfway to its conclusion, which would put it at over fifty thousand words once everything is said and done.

I’m not really concerned about winning the contest, though the thousand dollar prize would be a sweet victory. I’m more interested in gaining the attention of the editorial board over at Textnovel, which may or may not lead to a publishing deal in the future. Even if it all falls through, just attracting a bit of exposure for the story would make me happy. Rain isn’t my most serious piece of fiction, and it’s not the one I spend the most time on in terms of plotting and writing out chapters. It’s a bit of an experiment, written purely for fun and plotting experience. It may not ever land me any contracts or money, which is entirely fine with me, but if it manages to attract the attention of the right people, I’ll be beyond thrilled.

I’m crossing my fingers and getting ready to enter the contest. I’d probably feel a bit more confident if I knew where the story itself was heading, but that’s the way the project works.


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